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04/12/17 Moves to Restrict Smart Luggage by Some US Airlines
Two United States airlines, American Airlines and Delta, are expected to place restictions on smart luggage on flights from 15th January next year which will effectively ban their use unless the batteries are removed, or limited to the cabin only. Other airlines are also reported to be looking at the situation. Smart luggage may have built in GPS systems to track their movement, built-in weigh scales, remote locking, chargin points for your phone or even powered wheels. These electrical systems are powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries, which could cause a fire risk, the airline believe.

27/11/17 Tourists Stranded in Bali Due to Volcano Activity
Upto 60,000 tourists are believed to be stranded on the island of Bali after the international airport closed due to the ash cloud and potential eruption of Mount Agung. Authorities are monitoring the situation and hope to reopen the airport soon.

26/10/17 New Security Procedures Introduced Today for Flights to the US
New security procedures have been introduced today for flights to the United States (although at least one airline has been granted permission to delay the introduction). Passengers may be handed questionairs or have a short interview at checkin. Some airlines have stated that the procedures may cause delays at airport security for which passengers should allow extra time.

05/09/17 Flights Cancelled Ahead of Hurricane Irma
Flights to the Caribbean are being cancelled in anticipation of hurricane Irma, which has now been upgraded to a 5, the highest. It has also been reported that British Airways has sent an empty plane to Antigua to bring passengers home early. The hurricane is expected to pass along the eastern edge of the Caribbean sea, and hit Florida at the week-end.

06/07/17 Norwegian Announce 2 New USA Routes for Next Year
Norwegian has announced that it will start flights from London Gatwick to Chicago on 25th of March next year, with flights being advertised From £179. The airline will also commence flights from London Gatwick to Austin, Texas, on 27th March next year, with flights being advertised from £239

28/04/17 Quantas Announce Non-Stop London to Perth Route
Quantas has announced the much expected non-stop route from London Heathrow to Perth in western Australia, using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The route, due to start on 25th of March next year, is currently priced at £1345 return although the airline expects that figure to drop below £900. The flight will take 15 hrs and 45 minutes for the outbound journey and 18hrs 15 minutes for the return journey due to expected winds.

20/04/17 Norwegian Set to Fly to Singapore for £180
Norwegian have announced that they will be launching a new route from London Gatwick to Shanghai on September 28th this year with advertised prices starting from £180, flying 4 times per week. This, as usual for Nowegian, is the price for a flight without a luggage entitlement or food. However the price is very competitive.

19/04/17 Long-Haul Fights are Getting Cheaper According to Skyscanner
According to Skyscanner, the cost of long-haul flights have dropped by an average of 7% in the last year, with the greatest drop being in flights to Vancouver, which have shown an 18% fall. Other significant price drops include a 12% drop in the cost of flights to HongKong

16/03/17 Singapore Changi Airport Listed as Best in the World Again
For the 5th year running, Singapore Changi airport has been voted for by passengers, as the worlds best airport, in the prestigious awards by Skytrax. London Heathrow airport came in at number 10 on the list. The Skytrax world airport survey looked at 550 airports across the world, surveying nearly 14 million passengers.

14/03/17 1500 Flights Cancelled in US in Anticipation of Storm
It is being reported that at least 1500 flights have been cancelled in the USA in anticipation of what has been described as the worst storm of the winter, on the east coast. Storm Stella is expected to result in very low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snow falls over the next 2 days. It has been reported that Virgin Atlantic will offer free rebooking to passengers due to fly to, from or via New York JFK, Newark, Boston and Washington between March 13th and 17th.

09/02/17 UK and India Agree to Ease Restrictions on Flights Between the Two Countries
The United Kingdom and India have today agreed to ease the restictions on scheduled flights between the two countries to aid trade and tourism. It is understood that restrictions on flights to Chennai and Kolkata have breen dropped altogether to give more choice to passengers.

18/01/17 Thomas Cook Flying Passengers Back From the Gambia After Foreign Office Advice Change
Following the declaration of a state of emergency in The Gambia, and the UK Foreign Office now advicing people not to travel there unless it is essential, Thomas Cook are flying their package holiday customers back in the next 48 hours. Flight only passengers are tooffered the next available flight home.

12/12/16 Quantas Confirms Plans For UK to Australia Non-Stop Route
The Australian airline Quantas has confirmed that it intends to fly non-stop from London to Perth in Western Australia from March 2018. It will be the first non-stop route between the UK and Australia and will also be the worlds longest route at 14,498 Km. The aircraft used will be a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and the flight duration will be 17 hours.

06/12/16 Chinese Airlines Wanting 5 New Routes to the UK After the Flights Cap Was Raised
The Chinese airline group HNA (which includes the airlines Hainan, Tianjin and Capital), have appled for 5 new routes between the UK and China. This follows the raising of the cap on flights between China and the UK from 40 per week to 100. The planned routes will link London to Chengdu, Changsha and Shenzhen (Hainan Airlines), Tianjin-Xian (Tianjin Airlines), and Qingdao (Capital Airlines).

06/12/16 Norwegian to Offer Day-Trips to New York
Norwegian have announced that they plan to launch a new early morning (6am) flight from London Gatwick to New York JFK in August 2017. This flight will arrive at JFK at around 9am, making it possible to spend a day in the city or attend a meeting before heading back later in the evening.